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The Word of God is foundation of our faith. It is a light unto our path as we seek honour the Lord in our lives. We have curated a careful selection of Biblically sound books and resources to help exposit and open up the truths of Scripture. And so, Harmony Christian Books was born to make these works available to you. 

  • Revival & missions

  • Devotionals

  • Pre-loved books

  • Kids & youth materials and resources

  • Bibles & commentaries

  • Scripture cards for all occasions

  • Gifts & decorative items

  • Stationery

  • Framed pictures & prints

The bookshop also has its very own cafe! So after you've made your selection, why not grab a hot drink or even a bite of lunch and take time out to start reading. 


Meet the manager!

This is Elaine Edmonds. She is responsible for the day to day management of the bookshop and has a passion for sound Christian literature. When she is not running the bookshop, she works as an Administrator in the church.  


Sunday & Monday - Closed
Tuesday - Saturday 9am - 4pm

4 Harmony Way, Ballynahinch

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