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Our Policies

Administration & Finance

School Development Plan

Pupil & Parent Handbook
Promoting Positive Behaviour

Pastoral Care

Record Management & Disposal

Data Protection / GDPR

Safer Recruitment – vetting of staff


Anti bullying incl. Cyber bullying

Extended school and off site arrangements

Site Security

Use of Internet and Digital Technology

Relationships and Sex Education

Special Educational Needs

Intimate Care


Accident prevention and reporting

Administering First Aid / Medicine

Fire Safety

Educational Visits

Emergency Planning & 
Managing Critical Incidents

Infection Control

Monitoring and Risk Assessments

Our school policies cover every aspect of school life in Harmony Christian School. If you require a copy of any policy please contact the school office in writing by email to


Whilst this is not a comprehensive list it will give you an idea of the policies we maintain for the benefit of the whole school community. 

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